Health Hazard Of Sleeping Too Much

According to expert, the recommended sleeping hours a day should be around 7 to 9 hours. I guess you’ll agree with the saying that too much of everything is bad. When it comes to sleep, too much sleep (oversleeping) can be very harmful to your health both physically and psychologically. While you might be suffering from
oversleeping, a lot of people also suffer insomnia which is the inability to get enough sleep. But in this post, I’ll sharing with you the health effect of sleeping too much.

1. Diabetes: A new study shows that staying in bed for an extra two hours might be linked to  increased risk for type 2 diabetes.
2. Obesity: According to another students, researchers found out that too much sleep could make you more apt to become obese over the course of six years.
3. Back Pain: Sleeping too much can lead to back pain. Also, wrong sleeping position/postures can increase the chances of netting back pain.
4. Headache: For some people that are prone to headache, sleeping longer than usual on a weekend or vacation can cause head pain. People who sleep too much during the day and disrupt their night time sleep may also find themselves having headache in the morning.
5. Heart Diseases: For women who sleeps 9 to 11 hours every night are 38% more likely to have coronary heart disease than those that sleep only 7 to 8 hours. This  according to a study involving 72,000 women.
6. Depression: Although depression have been linked with insomnia but over sleeping also cause depression.
7. Weight Gain: Weight gain is another health consequence typically associated with lack of sleep, but excess sleep can wreck similar havoc.
8. Death: It might sound scary to think about it, but it is being found that death rate are higher in people who sleep longer than 8 hours every night.